Water Hope

A non-profit foundation established to provide clean water to children in villages around the globe from Africa to India. The main annual fundraising event, Wine to Water golf Tournament has raised over $1million dollars in 6 years. Thousands of children in Africa, India, China, Tibet, and Laos are alive today because of this effort. Water Projects include Boreholes, Rain Harvesting, Filtration Systems, and a complete drilling rig in Chad appropriately named “The Walrus One” for the man who has made this a reality for little brothers and sisters in this world.

Quoting WaterHope.org founder, Steve Tomkovicz, “Craig Stadler is a man of underestimated passion and love who gives without accolade and in very measurable and meaningful ways. He performs at every request and complains with a smile and smirk that lets us know that it is all good.”

Please visit waterhope.org to learn more about this foundation.